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voke Research Market Mover Array Report: Testing Platforms

White Paper Published By: Coverity, Inc.
Coverity, Inc.
Published:  Aug 16, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  49 pages

voke Names Coverity as a Transformational Company in the Testing Market Coverity has been rated as a Transformational company in the voke, inc. Market Mover Array Report for Testing Platforms. Coverity's rating is recognition of the impact that Coverity's software integrity strategy is making in shaping the future of the testing market.

Software has expanded its reach to every aspect of our lives; it is no longer relegated to aconfined area of deployed applications to execute a business task. Software is responsiblefor business processes, consumer purchases, transportation, communications, anddevices that are always on and, in some cases, life-critical.

The tolerance for software problems, especially in the enterprise, has traditionally beenquite high. It is widely accepted that software will experience problems. However, assoftware becomes a necessity in everything that is used, made, touched, and experienced,the stakes of making sure it has been properly tested at all levels are greater than ever.Software problems are now feared by consumers and business executives alike. Therealization of the significance of testing and the conversation about it have rapidly movedfrom the practitioner to the executive.

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