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Finding an Easy Path to DITA: Speed Up the Delivery of Technical Publications

White Paper Published By: Quark, Inc.
Quark, Inc.
Published:  Apr 28, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

To compete in today's market, companies must create increasingly feature-rich products, customize those products for specific audiences and markets, and present new and improved incarnations of those products on a regular basis. All of this makrs the task of product documentation increasingly difficult. Documentation groups must manage an immense amount of information, make intelligent use of that information, publish their documentation quickly and efficiently in multiple formats and languages, and deliver frequent changes and upates.

Quark XML Author for Microsoft® Word offers a better way: It has off-the-shelf support for creating and optionally publishing DITA. Quark XML Author lets users create XML content in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word, which makes it easier to learn and use. And because it's based on Word, Quark's solution allows subject matter experts (SMEs) to participate directly in the process of contributing to and improving technical information by using Quark XML Author. Direct participation eliminates manual handoffs from outside contributors to the publishing department, which reduces time and costs. Quark's solution also includes:

  • DITA map creation and editing, allowing complete DITA publications to be created entirely within Microsoft Word
  • Support for commenting and change tracking using the familiar Microsoft Word user interface
  • Publishing through Quark's optional DITA publishing module
  • Centralized content storage and archiving through Quark's content management system partners: Microsoft SharePoint®, EMC® Documentum®, and IBM® FileNet® Content Manager

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