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The Developers Guide to Email Deliverability

White Paper Published By: SendGrid
Published:  Jul 19, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

Email is the backbone of the social web, making all the connections work. Can you imagine Facebook without email or any other web application functioning without email? It is the primary – and often the only – channel for communicating with members and customers. Everything from membership confirmations to friend requests and privacy updates – all of these are sent via email.

So, what is email deliverability? Simply put, successful email deliverability is your message arriving in the inbox of the recipient as intended. Email deliverability failure is when your message is either routed to the junk/bulk folder or goes missing all together. Luckily there are proven techniques to prevent failures and improve your delivery rates for the long-term. This guide offers an overview of the steps most businesses need to take to maximize their email deliverability.

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