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Free Cloudbased Marketing Data Assessment--Confidential and Secure

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Published:  Nov 04, 2013
Type:  Free Offer

Did you know that your data decays at a rate of 10 percent each quarter? Beyond that, do you know how many records in your database are fully complete? And do you know how many entries have been compromised from folks who lied on their initial registration forms? Are you aware of how many of your records are duplicates?

Take a look at your LinkedIn feed to see how many people in your network alone have changed jobs in the past year alone. Do you think they have notified vendors when they have left?  The answer to many of these questions is probably no, and if that’s the case, then your database is becoming less actionable each day.

Luckily, NetProspex can help you determine how far off your database might be. Our Workbench allows you to upload a file for free—completely confidential and secure—and get an assessment of your database that identifies bad data, determines your spam trap risk and assesses email deliverability, among other things.

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