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8 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Azure

White Paper Published By: CloudHealth by VMware
CloudHealth by VMware
Published:  Sep 06, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Adoption of cloud computing is currently skyrocketing, with solutions like Microsoft Azure doubling in usage year over year. When cloud computing services were introduced in the mid-2000s with compute and storage offered for pennies on the dollar, the world of IT changed forever. While prices have come down significantly over the years, many companies learned the hard way that moving to the public cloud didnít always achieve the cost savings they expected.

In fact, organizations have frequently noticed public cloud bills that are two to three times higher than expectations. This doesnít mean that moving to the public cloud is a mistake. The public cloud provides huge benefits in agility, responsiveness, simplified operations, and improved innovation. The mistake is assuming that migrating to the public cloud without implementing management, governance and automation will lead to cost savings.

The first step to combating cloud infrastructure costs is to gain visibility across your entire organizationís cloud spend by line of business. This allows you to hold individual departments accountable for their cloud usage. Once youíve identified the areas of high and/or rapidly growing costs, use these proven best practices for cost reduction and optimization to make sure you are getting the most out of your environment. 

Read this eBook to learn 8 best practices for reducing your Microsoft Azure Spend so you can harness both the cost savings and agility of the public cloud.

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