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ERP: Key to Distributionís Evolution

White Paper Published By: Sage Software
Sage Software
Published:  Apr 24, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Hyper-effcient warehouses and logistics.

  • Next-generation ERP improves not only the effciency of warehouse logistics and fulfillment accuracy, but also Ďnext best actioní for supply chain collaboration and management.
Laser focus on financials
  • Your ERP should automate business processes to
    shorten payment cycles and manage cash flow.

Closing the loop between sales, service, and finance

  • Businesses arenít silo-ed anymore and technology needs
    to reflect that fact. Wholesale and distribution firms need
    to be able to leverage their software solutions to manage
    new and existing relationships effciently and profitably,
    using data from historical records and CRM tools as well as
    financial history.

Connecting data to surface business insights that drive better decision-making

  • Instead of connecting 3rd party BI tools, next-generation
    ERP integrates analytics into the user experience so that
    every user has relevant, accurate, up-to-date information
    to guide their next decision, from the CFO to the
    warehouse floor.

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