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Published By: Achieve Health     Published Date: Jul 09, 2014
Automobiles began to evolve after the introduction of the Model T from Ford due to its standardization and open framework, because of that we now have the Model S from Tesla. Currently, EHRs and other Healthcare Technology solutions that are designed to make hospitals more interconnected are still stuck in the days of the Model T, by leveraging Open APIs (a cost-effective solution) they could be performing at the level of Tesla Motors. This paper covers: Why EMRs are creating such a high level of dissatisfaction among physicians How EHRs parallel the Model T (as we know it) yet they lack 2 key elements that allowed the Model T to evolve into the Tesla Without standardization or open APIs EHRs will remain in the Stone Age The benefits of leveraging API connections How open APIs can help solve the current woes facing the EHR
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Achieve Health
Published By: Phunware     Published Date: Oct 14, 2014
Learn how you can reach a wider audience by using location-based technology and see how location-aware technology can benefit your organization.
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